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Miami Commercial Photography

Depict the irresistible attraction from the opposite sex when wearing this product, as it gives off its wonderful aurora. Tells the story of encounter in places you do not expect, like a laundry mart. Miami commercial & model photography.

Lorena - Quinceanera Photography Miami

Quinceanera – Sweet Sixteen Photography in miami. Capturing you at your best. Lorena photo session in miami, capturing vivid images in studio setting on location. Lot’s of fun as we captured some great images for Lorena.

Posing Guide for Photographing Women

A post by Kaspars Grinvalds from Posing App. Previously published articles in the Posing Guide series contained hand illustrated posing samples as a guide for your photo shoots. Based upon feedback and questions I received about these guides, I wanted to describe the process in more detail and show some real photos created while using these posing techniques. The main purpose of using posing samples is to give your model some starting points. You don’t […]

Top 10: Poses to Work with Female Model

Working with a new female model can be challenging for both you and her. You need to work on building a rapport and making her comfortable before you take your first shot. You can do this while setting up your lighting and fine-tuning your equipment—ask her about her day, make her laugh, be genuine. However, even with the best lighting, perfect makeup, and tuned in camera settings, without some basic […]