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A SUPER Quinceanera Session


In the world of quinceanera & sweet sixteen photography, there are many things you can do wrong to make your clients feel uneasy. Good news is there are many small things to do over wise to make it an experience they will enjoy and remember. I specialize in sweet sixteen & quinceanera photography in miami. Through the years I have learned many tricks to help this process go as smooth as possible. Below are some of my tips:

Know your Subject
What do you want to accomplish on this shoot? What story do you want to tell? These are all questions which you have to consider and should ask the client during the planning phase. You must know your subject, what is their favorite color? What are their hobbies? Sports? Knowing these simple things will also help you in conjuring up ideas for the day of the session.

It’s the day of the shoot. Do you have any idea of what you are going to do? It is always advised for you to do some homework. Look through other photographs that inspire you for ideas and make changes to make it your own. Be prepared for the session with ideas and a workflow, it will show when you start working.

Yes, music. It is so easy for them to tense up when in front of the lens. Simply adding music will soften that tense rigid smile and composure. I recommend taking a small speaker to help, have a playlist ready so you wont have to attend to being the DJ.

Where are you shooting the session? It is important to get to the location early and scout the area. Look for potential spots for best angles and composition. Look for a flow based on area, to move from one to another smoothly. If on a bright sunny day, try to do the shaded areas first to avoid exhausting your subject too early.

Have FUN
Remember to smile with your subject and start small talk. Keeping your subject engaged and entertained is part of the whole experience, plus the music helps too. Have fun, remember this is the reason you do what you do. It is not just the money.

Once the shoot is complete, your clients will be very excited and want to see some of the shots. Look through your photos and pick the ones you would like to share. Make some enhancements for best representation, and send to client via text or email. This will give the client instant gratification and buys you some time to finish the rest. Everyone is happy.

So go out there with your camera and shoot.